staying mobile in pregnancy

Mobility is a key factor in being at your best for birth - these two short videos - Molly's guide to the pelvis and why mobilty matters and a brilliant video showing a latino dance routine designed for pregnant women look at ways to be creative about movement.

I made this video, discussing the pelvis, how it works in pregnancy and labour, the importance of keeping it mobile and ways of doing it, as part of a campaign called “birth gems”. It’s a series of short videos from birth workers offering nuggets of of virtual antenatal advice to help support pregnant women and partners

How much can we dance? The second video shows just what dancing can do - it shows dance movements created by Obstetrician Dr Fernando Guedes.

Dance is good for the pelvis and the cardiovascular health and it’s good for the soul as well - lockdown can be a bore - or it can be an opportunity - have fun and find out more about keeping mobile in Birth Balls for Beginners