Rights and Risks in Pregnancy

sq rights 300pxWith the best will in the world birth doesn't always go the way we would wish, but the better prepared we are, the better the chances of the hoped for outcomes. One of the things many parents don't understand are the pressures they can face once they get into delivery suite. Understanding the system, knowing the right questions to ask and, if necessary, being prepared to stand up and "challenge the system" can make a big difference to how childbirth unfolds.

The Active Phase of Labour

sq penny newborn skin to skinIn the blog about the Latent Phase of Labour I discuss how to cope with it and, most importantly how to recognise when it transitions into active labour. This is “part two” - from the onset of strong and regular contractions to a baby’s birth. It describes a straightforward, unmedicated birth. I’ll discuss complications in labour in another blog.

The Latent Phase of Labour

sq belly and hands sqThe latent phase of labour, although a normal part of the birthing process, can be a difficult time for pregnant women. First time mums in particular often believe this is “it”. It isn’t, and active labour may be many hours away. Recognising and understanding the latent phase is important. A combination of excitement and/or discomfort can disrupt sleep, nutrition and hydration, causing anxiety and exhaustion before the active phase even begins.