The Covid 19 pandemic has created problems for pregant women ranging from hospitals cutting home and midwife led units, stopping water births and withdrawing antenatal support for women. Midwives all over Britain are trying to fill the gap. We will be adding to this site day by day - with videos, Q&A's, links to other resources and the latest thinking on how maternity care should be delivered in the face of a pandemic.

Top Tip for decreasing anxiety during a pandemic

Being pregnant can cause anxiety, especially for first time Mums - being pregnant in a pandemic far more so. With concerns about removal of home birth and midwife led units, worries about who can be there at the birth and fears about how the virus may affect babies - it can all add to the pressure. This is a page of tips and links to good information that's free from anxiety inducing hype and speculation the media seem to love bringing into our lives. 

breastfeeding and covid 19 Q&A's

A question and answer page from The Breastfeeding network giving the latest info on all breastfeeding questions including Covid 19 - the big question is "Can I breastfeed if I'm infected - The answers is "yes" but take precautions 

Birth Balls for Beginners

Birth Balls are a brilliant way of keeping hips and pelvis flexible and supple thorough pregancy and can really be a help through labour. They can be a "better for birth" substitute for the office chair or the couch and a perfect way of exercising in a small space. Tips on how to use them safey, getting the right size, and simple exercises

Moving for an easier birth - part one

It's hard to get antenatal support at the moment so I'm sharing a couple of short videos demonstrating two techniques I teach midwives and women to help stay more comfortable through pregancy and that can help get baby into a better postion during labour.  The "sidelying release" is a postion that can really help if a labour is long and painful due to malpostion and is also useful during pregnancy, the other showing a simple rebozo technique that can help ease discomfort in pregnancy and labour.

staying mobile in lockdown

Lockdown restrictions mean that exercise, even walking, in pregnancy can be severely curtailed. Mobility is a key factor in being at your best for birth - these two short videos - Molly's guide to the pelvis and why mobilty matters and a brilliant video showing a latino dance routine designed for pregnant women look at ways to be creative about movement.

WHO Covid 19 Q&A's for pregnant women

The latest WHO guidelines on birth and C19. Easilly accessable Q&A's covering breastfeeding, skin to skin contact, staying close to baby if you are infected, choice of birth partner, risks of infection and pregnancy and more - get the facts not the rumours!