mollyMoving for an Easier Birth Online

The information Molly offers in her Biomechanics for Birth course has been seen as a gamechanger by midwives around the world. Over the past 2 years she's taught her professional course to midwives all over the UK, and in Chile and Spain. With C19 everything stopped bar webinars for frustrated midwives who've had to cancel training days and a few and a few antenatal classes she still taught directly to women. Lockdown was a lightbulb moment. 

Molly had to switch all her face to face work to virtual mode. It's an exciting experiment for Molly - the techniques she teaches were developed in practice - attending births every working day. Her great passion has always been working directly with women. Demand for training from professionals meant she no longer had the time to do this. 

C19 has turned the few antenatal classes for women she still teaches into virtual events - and they have been popular and effective - so why not make virtual courses a regualr feature? It is cost effective, allows small class sizes and cuts down travel.

We are sure "Moving for an Easier Birth" will be some of the most useful antenatal teaching you will find through your pregnancy. The course will help you understand how your body works through the birth process, how to recognise malpostion - and positions and movements to help you do something about it. Molly also discusses the use of rebozos and effective use of birthing balls and pregnancy do's and don'ts that can help keep birth normal

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