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                                        Changing the Conversation Around Birth

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 Free ante natal class - birth essentials with an experienced midwife

Hypnobirthing - techniques to help you relax and remain calm through your labour

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 Moving for an easier birth - bio-mechanics to move baby into the best postions for birth. 

snuggled babies make happy adults - new research on cosleeping

  This is a free 11/2 hour session primarily for newly pregnant, but women at any stage in pregnancy are welcome. It's a chance to socialise, ask questions and get the best information about pregnancy and childbirth from a highly experienced midwife. So come and have a chat over cup of tea, meet other mums-to-be and answer all those nagging questions you don’t like to ask!
  One of the commenst causes of "failure to progress" in labour is malpostion. Very often malposition is a result of slight twists or tensions in the that cause baby to be in a less than optimal position for delivery. "Moving for and Easier Birth" teaches a series of simple safe techniques based on biomechanics, that women can use in pregancy and in labour to help acieve a more comfortable more effective labour 
  An all day course for midwives, doulas, antenatal teachers and obstetricians teaching simple non-invasive techniques that use an understanding of biomechanics, movement and positions shown to reduce pain antenatally and during labour and to manage labour made difficult by malposition.  
Hypnobirthing gives you and your birth partner tools and strategies to use throughout labour, no matter where or how you give birth. You will learn how the mind and fear can affect your body in relation to the birthing process and affect the normal hormonal process of birth and motherhood. It teaches techniques that can replace fear and anxiety, with calm confidence using, self hypnosis, visualisation, relaxation and breathing techniques.

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