Moving for an Easier Birth for parents online

As a midwife I want you to have the best birth possible, and I’m sure as birthing mums,  you do too! Throughout my career I’ve developed my understanding of the biomechanics of birth, that’s to say the way babies move through the body during birth, and used this knowledge to apply simple movements and positions that have helped labour progress more easily and with less discomfort in hundreds of births

The focus of this new online birth preparation class is to bring my experience together online to give you the knowledge, understanding, practical tips, strategies and techniques that can increase the likelihood of a more comfortable and straightforward birth. The idea of the course has been inspired by my experiences of working through the C19 lockdown, giving, previously live, antenatal classes via the web. I've been amazed by how well it has worked. I'm really looking forward to meeting women from far and wide - the techniques I teach work, and spreading the word has become something of a mission!

You will learn 

  • How your body is built and develop an understanding of the importance of muscle and pelvic balance
  • How to encourage your baby into a more comfortable position through particular postures and exercises.
  • Integrate easy, logical and effective exercises in your daily life
  • What habits to avoid that increase the chances of a suboptimal position
  • How to recognise signs that your baby is in a suboptimal position
  • What to do when labour is slow and prolonged
  • Using a Rebozo (a shawl or scarf) for comfort and to help release muscle tension in labour
  • The importance of the correct size birth ball and how to use it effectively and much more!

Class Format

  • IMG 0321Video discussing “anatomy and physiology” -  how your body works through labour, the causes of a suboptimal position, tips and exercises to use through pregnancy help give baby the space to find an optimal position and more.
  • Familiarisation videos of positions we will practice in the live session along with written notes.

Live zoom class lasting approximately 90 minutes. I’ll show you how baby moves through the pelvis, how to recognise the signs of a baby in a suboptimal position and most importantly what you can do about it! You will learn techniques and positions to help you during pregnancy and during the birth if needed - will be small so I can see how everyone is practicing the techniques and positions and there will be time for a Q&A session