Moving for an easier birth for pregnant couples

One of the commonest causes of "failure to progress" in labour is malpostion. Very often malposition is a result of slight twists or tensions in the pelvis that cause baby to be in a less than optimal position for delivery. "Moving for and Easier Birth" teaches a series of simple safe techniques,  based on biomechanics, women can use in pregancy and labour to help achieve a more comfortable and effective birth.


Hypnobirthing gives you and your birth partner tools and strategies to use throughout labour, no matter where or how you give birth. You will learn how fear and anxiety can affect your mind and body in relation to the birthing process. Stress can affect the normal hormonal process of birth and motherhood. Hypnobirthing teaches techniques that can replace fear and anxiety, with calm confidence using, self hypnosis, visualisation, relaxation and breathing techniques.

Biomechanics for Birth for midwives

A one day course for midwives,and other birth professionals. It examines the biomechanics of the pelvis through labour, the physiology of birth, more effective diagnosis of malposition and techniques to help the pelvis and baby move into better positions for birth. The insights offered are especially powerful in cases of obstructed Labour but are also highly effective in helping most labouring women have a more comfortable and easier birth

Making sense of your birth experiences

Women who have experienced difficult and traumatic births often feel their story hasn't been heard or doesn't matter "because they had a healthy baby". During my practice I've frequently found myself helping women come to terms with their experiences. I’m now offering 1 hour face to face or skype sessions to hear your birth stories, help you better understand why things turned out the way they did and how to avoid them next time around.