C19 Updates

August 3rd 2020

Some September to November dates are now up on the booking page - Yippee! We have to add a strong caveat that C19 restrictions could change this at short notice - The Advanced course at Efrraspace is fully booked - there are still places available on the Introductory Course 

The Advanced and Introductory Biomechanics courses at Effra Space originally planned for June 6th and 7th will now run on October 3rd and 4th.

The first "Moving for an Easier Birth Online" couse took place last Tuesday - it went down well with participants and was almost free of hitches. The next course is scheduled for Tuesday 7th July - and every three weeks from then on. Please feel free to share this information!

An on-line course for professionals is on it's way. We are getting a lot of  demand - please be patient. It's proving to be a bit more of a task than we first imagined - not helped by a world shortage of decent web cams as Zoom has risen to the fore. We are slowly putting things together but it unlikely to be fully fledged until late July - Update on this 03/08/2020 - still waiting for a decent web cam - most of the work is done - fingers crossed the course will be trialed with the group booked for the advanced course mid august and once it's been tweaked it will be on line for booking.

Why Optimal Birth?

image "Galactic Baby" copyright Cat Fancote - all rights reserved https://birthphotographyperth.com.au/"Galactic Baby" -award winning image from Cat Fancote - all rights reserved https://birthphotographyperth.com.au/

Over the past few years, there have been times when the debate about childbirth and especially choices about how and where to give birth, have become deeply polarised. As always, the media have been quick to reduce the debate to extremes, pitting dire warnings of “certain death if a baby is born at home” against "natural birth at any price".

While these extreme views do exist among birth practitioners they are rare, but any birth practitioner not blindly wedded to the guidelines will acknowledge there is much about the status quo in many obstetric units that work actively against "a good birth". It’s also recognised that challenging institutional drivers of practices can be very difficult, even those with little or no evidence to support them.

As a midwife my role is to help women have the best birth possible. I understand the medical model plays an important role but I also believe many interventions are used inappropriately. All too frequently attempts to question mainstream practice tends to degenerate into a “natural birth versus managed birth” argument. That’s the wrong debate. It should be “how birth practitioners can embrace best practice to make sure all women can have an optimal birth”.

This site was initially created to publicise my planned post retirement business, teaching women the approaches to labour and birth I’d evolved to help them have the best birth possible. Events have pushed me from antenatal teaching into a roving trainer for professional colleagues who are motivated by the same urge to help women have an “Optimal Birth”. It's taken over my life over the past 18 months - one of the positives of the enforced break is having time to develop online resources for both pregnant women and colleagues - no more excuses for delays!

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Courses for Pregnant Couples - Online

mother and baby heart 300px Lockdown has forced us to develop new ways of offering antenatal services - "Moving for an Easier Birth" offers a wealth of information about positions, movements and rebozo techniques that can help labour progress, manage discomfort through labour and help carry baby more comfortably.


Biomechanics for Birth Professionals

pelvis drawing 500px pelvis

Biomechanics for Birth Professionals teaches techniques and strategies helpful for any labouring women but especially for women with malpositioned babies and those experiencing long labours. Lockdown has delayed over 30 courses - we are tentatively arranging new dates - follow the link for details

Advanced Biomechanics

The advanced biomechanics course is for birth workers who have been putting the knowledge from the biomechanics course into practice. It explores the subject in greater depth and is an essential step for anyone wanting to teach. Covid permitting the first course is on Saturday October 3rd 2020 - it's fully booked at present bjsports 2018 December 52 23 1497 F1large



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