Birth Stories Matter

Many birth stories are disregarded, pushed aside by well meaning relatives, friends and even birth professionals, who are trying their best to help by focussing on positives. The phrase “but at least you have a healthy baby” epitomises the damaging way trauma and serious health issues can be unwittingly dismissed. Of course, everyone wants a healthy baby, but the systematic dismissal of a difficult or traumatic birth can compound it’s effects on mothers and their families.

Biomechanics for Birth - A Labour of Love

A few weeks ago I was asked about the difference between my course and “Spinning Babies”. The short answer is - “the biomechanics are the same” - how can it be otherwise? Biomechanics is science and has an objective foundation. My course springs from over 20 years practice as a midwife and sets the insights it offers in the context of the constraints midwives encounter daily in the NHS today. The longer answer is “a bit more complicated - to find out more, read on!