Courses for Pregnant Couples

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Hypnobirthing - Fear is one of the greatest obstacles to a good birth. Hypnobirthing teaches techniques to help retain control during labour whatever it's outcome.

Moving for an Easier Birth teaches positions, movements and rebozo techniques that can help labour progress, manage discomfort through labour and help carry baby more comfortably.


Biomechanics for Birth Professionals

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Biomechanics for Birth Professionals teaches techniques and strategies helpful for any labouring women but especially for women with malpositioned babies and those experiencing long labours. The six hour course covers the biomechanics of the pelvis and its functions through birth,  tools to help better identify malposition, the effects of trauma on baby's path through the pelvis and how women can be guided to use positions and movement to help labour progress.

why optimal birth?

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165 OPTIMAL BIRTH FINAL LOGOS 3Stories from our facebook pages

 Links and images from our facebook feed - one of the joys of being a midwife is witnessing the love and laughter of babies and parenthood - the facebook page is an antidote to being too serious - but carries some serious stories too! 


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